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Educational services are provided for all students admitted to Logan River Academy. Regular academy classes are held Monday through Friday, with exception of major holidays. We have an A/B rotating schedule in which a student has four classes each day. Each day begins with a Jumpstart period which allows students the opportunity to fix and finish course work, prepare for tests and get subject specific help from teachers. Jumpstart is followed by three classes with an associated lunch period. The Logan River Academy school year has three full semesters that are 16 weeks in length. Fall semester runs from September through December, our winter Semester from January through April and our summer semester from May through August. Each semester is divided into two terms that are 8 weeks in length. Student who successfully completes any two of these semesters will receive a full school year of credit in each class.


The Education Director is responsible for the administration of the academic program including overseeing the quality of the classroom instruction, activities, calendaring, class scheduling, personnel supervision, and other duties as delegated by the Administrator. Teachers are employed by Logan River Academy and are licensed by the State of Utah. We provide other student support with qualified substitutes and tutors. We do have special educations teachers as a part of our faculty to work with students who have learning differences. Counselors are available during the school day to provide extra support as needed.


Logan River Academy is accredited by AdvancED. In addition, the Academy is approved by the California Department of Education as a Non-public School. All teachers are certified in their subject areas.

Class Assignments:

Following admission to Logan River Academy, each student is given a schedule of classes based on age, prior grade placement as verified by transcripts, projected academy graduation requirements, student class preference and results of academic achievement testing.


Our academic program consists of three curriculum delivery options which are: Teacher Directed classes, Teacher Monitored classes and Teacher Supported classes.

Teacher Directed Classes: These classes are designed, taught and evaluated by a certified teacher on campus. They follow the Utah State Curriculum with associated objectives developed to meet the needs of our students. They are centered on the curriculum areas of Mathematics, Language Arts, Social Science, Science and Art. Student will be in 3-4 of these classes each semester, depending on student need and class availability.

Teacher Monitored Classes: These classes are conducted via an online source and monitored and evaluated by a certified teacher on campus. They follow the Utah State Curriculum, with objectives developed by the online program to meet the need of the student in a technology based environment. Course offerings are centered on the curriculum needs of the student, courses available through the online program and individual graduation requirements. Students will be in 2-3 of these classes each semester.

Teacher Supported Classes: These classes are independent study courses that are offered by Brigham Young University or other accredited institutions. They are used to offer courses to our students whose curriculum needs cannot be met via the previous two options. They are intended to help students meet graduation requirements or to enhance educational opportunities and interests. Courses will be offered in one of two delivery options, paper/pencil or computer based. They will be supported by our faculty on an as needed basis.

Academic Progress:

We provide feedback in the form of grades for our students every two weeks and weekly phase advancement scores that let students know how they are progressing in school. Monthly academic progress reports are also written by teachers to provide a summary of student improvement. This gives the students and families more immediate feedback on how they are doing in school. Timely feedback has shown to make difference in supporting students with academic issues related to attention deficit and learning disorders. This information is available to parents via a parent portal on our Bestnotes system and is updated regularly.


To receive a high school diploma from Logan River Academy a student must complete 24 credit hours of course work. One credit is equivalent to two semesters of course work. We issue .25 credits for successful completion of each class in a term. (Two terms, one semester, is equal to .5 credits.) These credits will be added to the student’s transcript at the end of each semester and will be sent to other schools upon request. Commencement exercises are held at the end of each semester to provide us the opportunity to celebrate the successful completion high school for our students.

Other Services:

SAT and/or ACT exams can be taken while at Logan River Academy. They are not taken at the school, but students are registered and taken either to Utah State University (ACT) or Weber State University (SAT) to take the exams. The GED is also offered for those who may need this service. The PSAT is administered in the fall of each year