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ADHD Attention Deficit Disorder

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurobehavioral developmental disorder. It is primarily characterized by “the co-existence of attentional problems and hyperactivity with each behavior occurring infrequently alone and symptoms starting before seven years of age.

ADHD is a diagnosis that we at Logan River Academy see frequently. Some of our students with ADHD have mainly an attention problem while others have both an attention problem and a hyperactivity problem. ADHD often coexists with other diagnoses such as depression, anxiety, Aspergers, and bipolar disorder. ADHD can make life very challenging for our students both in and out of the classroom. Impulsivity is a common symptom of ADHD which contributes to our students needing our program.We use a variety of strategies to treat students with ADHD. Oftentimes our students will need a medication of some kind to treat their ADHD symptoms. We have a psychiatrist on staff who monitors our students’ medication regimes and works closely with our therapists to find the best possible balance between medication and therapy. Our therapists, teachers, and residential staff work closely together to provide the best environment to help our students with ADHD. Our level of structure, consistency, support, and clinical interventions make Logan River Academy an ideal setting for an adolescent struggling with ADHD.

Our fully accredited teaching staff including special education teachers helps students to learn proper study skills to succeed in spite of the diagnosis. We help our students to learn skills to compensate for the weaknesses. We also provide accommodations in the classroom to help our students achieve academic success which has most often not been the case in our students’ past.

Our therapists and residential staff help our students with ADHD learn skills to manage their impulses more effectively, to think before they act, to navigate social situations more effectively, to learn healthy ways to use their energy and to improve their self-esteem by doing things such as volunteering in the community, going white water rafting or working out in the gym. Our comprehensive treatment approach yields great success with students with ADHD who have considered themselves a failure before coming to Logan River Academy.