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At Logan River Academy we are passionate about working with boys with Autism Spectrum Disorders. We have two dorms designated for these boys. Our vision is to provide the ideal school, living conditions, and therapy for an adolescent with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

At Logan River Academy we use the ESSENCE model as our guide to treatment:

  • Executive Functioning,
  • Sensory,
  • Self-care,
  • Emotional regulation,
  • Navigating relationships,
  • Communication, and
  • Empathy.

Our treatment focuses on these core issues. We develop individualized treatment plans to specifically address each need that each student has in these seven domains. We use a phase system that provides ongoing feedback for the boys as well as a concrete method in helping them to reach their goals.

Ours Dorms are a structured, predictable, and consistent environment that is well suited to help students on the spectrum. We always have at least two trained staff on the dorm to help coach, process, mentor, problem-solve, and work with these boys. Our therapists and staff work very closely to provide evidenced-based and clinically effective strategies on an ongoing basis. We have a structured life with predictable schedules and activities. Our goal is to balance school, skill building, work, therapy, and leisure.

Our boys have paid jobs while they are here which can involve kitchen duties such as cleaning floors and washing dishes as well as janitorial duties around the school. They keep a time card, get paid every two weeks, and learn to budget. They then can use this money to pay for off campus activities.

Our boys have frequent and consistent off campus activities and remain active in our community. These activities are meant to be enjoyable and also to help our boys learn balance, variety, and moderation. Our boys have weekly adventure learning activities such as ice skating, rock climbing, disc golf, hiking, rollerblading, etc. They also have weekly leisure activities and can include going to movies, sporting events, going to culture events, going out to eat, etc. We also have weekly ski trips during the winter months that are available to our boys on the spectrum. Lastly, we also have a group of boys who attend an off campus gym three times per week. Our boys on the spectrum often choose to participate in this as well. Our goal is to provide opportunities that expose our boys to a wonderful variety of safe and healthy activities.

The boys attend school from 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. each day. Our school has a realistic feel with traditional looking classrooms and full-time, licensed teachers. The classroom size is small and the instruction is both verbal and visual. We track our student’s progress in the classroom very closely with parents, students, teachers, staff, and therapists all knowledgeable of current grades and progress. We provide extra assistance to our students who struggle academically and implement individualized plans to help them succeed.

Our boys all have individual, group, and family therapy each week. Our therapists are passionate, knowledgeable, and experienced with working with boys on the spectrum. Our therapeutic approach is to use a clinically sophisticated, flexible, individualized approach that best meets the needs of each student.

Our focus in treatment is to help these boys mature, grow, and develop. We work with them on hygiene, reading social cues, motor skills, affect regulation skills, learning tools to become more flexible in thinking and behaviors, learning to listen better and be a better communicator, grasping big picture concepts instead of narrowly focusing on the details, organization skills, learning to manage anger, learning to generalize from one experience to the next, becoming more resilient and not giving up, and adjusting to new situations without getting overwhelmed.

We understand that these boys will have to continue working on these issues throughout their lives. Our goal is to help them make progress in each area in order to build a strong foundation and be able to cope with the normal demands of life as well as find enjoyment in life through being successful.