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Clearing Up Some Misconceptions About Asperger’s Syndrome

With the recent incident in Newtown, Conn. much has been spoken about Asperger’s and Austism Spectrum Disorders with varying degrees of accuracy. CNN’s Sonjay Gupta did a piece to help describe and clarify Asperger’s which helps people with little previous experience or information to better understand what they are reading and seeing in the news. Attached is a link to that story. What is Asperger’s Syndrome?

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How to Choose a Troubled Youth Boarding School for Your Troubled Teen

It’s no secret that the teenage years are difficult. This is the time when teenagers are constantly reconciling what their peers think of them, versus what they think of themselves. Sometimes, this confusion leads to terrible consequences, and sending teens to youth treatment centers┬ámay be necessary.
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Therapeutic Schools: A Viable Option for Troubled Teens

If you’re a fan of family-centric sitcoms like 8 Simple Rules or Modern Family, you can see how difficult it is to deal with teenagers, mostly because parents have a difficult time getting through to their kids. This is made doubly difficult if the teen is struggling behaviorally, or is having other issues such as anger management problems or substance abuse. When you’ve done everything you can for your troubled teen and nothing’s helping, maybe you’d benefit from a more structured approach.
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Specialized Teen Drug Treatment: Dealing with Withdrawal Symptoms

Drug addiction does not develop overnight and it will surely not be cured in that short time span, too. There is a proper process that ought to be followed to effectively remove the young patients’ tendencies of substance abuse, completely taking these kids out of their pit of misery. However, the way out of this dependence is not a smooth one. There are many roadblocks and challenges that should be overcame first to prevail over the vice.
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Schools for Troubled Youth Hold Programs for Substance Abuse Problems

The major decisions that we make, which can ultimately alter the direction our life is heading, are often made during our teenage years. It’s the time when we develop a sense of identity and decide what we’re going to be. You might say teens have it easy today, but intense media saturation, peer pressure, depression, drugs, and online harassment are just some of the troubles they encounter regularly. If they are not emotionally and psychologically stable, they can go down the dark path of substance abuse. Continue reading

Schools for Troubled Boys: Supporting Single Moms in Raising Kids without a Father Image

Youth delinquency and juvenile crime remain are among the most prevalent social concerns today. With that, the support of specialized institutions like a school for troubled youth became a necessity as well. Residential treatment centers and schools like Logan River Academy can help teenagers face the root causes of their behavioral problems and eventually break the destructive cycle they are caught in. Continue reading

Residential Treatment Centers: Helping Bipolar Teens Deal with Emotional Highs and Lows

Some teenagers find it hard to manage their time and divide their schedules wisely. For them, juggling their family and social lives with school requirements and extracurricular activities is already a difficult task. As a result, their stress levels often go up when personal problems and other challenges come their way. Continue reading

Help for Troubled Teenagers: Overcoming Suicidal Thoughts

Without doubt, suicide is a grave social problem that’s risen to an alarming rate lately. Just this January, Eric James Borges, a gay rights and anti-suicide advocate took his own life after years of bullying and torment. It may seem conflicting but in his video uploaded on a pro-life website for other young gay members and teens, he left a strong message to never give up hope. Continue reading

How a Boarding School for Troubled Teens Can Help Your Child

As a parent, it pains you to see your son or daughter acting in a rebellious manner. You may have tried every trick in the book to first correct the behavior and then foster a normal parent-child relationship, but your efforts were anything but fruitful. If anything, they begin to get worse and make decisions that end up harming them. In this case, perhaps the best chance to help your child is to send him or her to a boarding school for troubled youth. Continue reading