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Help for Troubled Teenagers: Overcoming Suicidal Thoughts

Without doubt, suicide is a grave social problem that’s risen to an alarming rate lately. Just this January, Eric James Borges, a gay rights and anti-suicide advocate took his own life after years of bullying and torment. It may seem conflicting but in his video uploaded on a pro-life website for other young gay members and teens, he left a strong message to never give up hope.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say the suicide rate in the United States is at its peak in recent years. From 2008 to 2009, the suicide rate went up by more than two percent-a relatively small but alarming figure. When someone begins to have suicidal thoughts, it’s an indication that he needs help. Since teens are just as susceptible to suicide, help for troubled teenagers should address emotional resilience and a strong sense of self to overcome thoughts of suicide altogether.

What urges suicide?

In his video, Borges explains how he suffered from bullies and his parents, whom he said are extremist Christians. He was harassed on a daily basis at school and home, even leading to the day he was kicked out of his home. Desperation and suicidal thoughts usually emerge when a person is overwhelmed by a string of stressful events. These lead him to think there is no other way out and suicide will “end the pain.”

For teens, bullying is an example of a stressor and can make them miserable. In 2010, similar to Borges’ case, Phoebe Prince suffered three months of verbal and electronic abuse before she ended her own life. Suicide is never the answer, but the person may feel boxed in and hopeless because it’s like fighting a losing battle.

Preventing suicide

Preventing suicide is a matter of knowing the symptoms-as in diagnosing illnesses. Suicide prevention programs for teenagers focus on these symptoms and devise ways to address them, usually verbal approach and therapy. Therapists talk with troubled teens and discuss their issues in the family or at school. Some may need medication at first and then therapy.

Reputable boarding schools for troubled children like Logan River Academy, LLC can help teens overcome depression and suicidal urges. Whether a teen is weak or strange, it is no reason for others to start ganging up on him. In the same manner, while it may seem hopeless, suicide is not the only way out. Life will get better-and it’s worth sticking around to experience it.


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