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How a Boarding School for Troubled Teens Can Help Your Child

As a parent, it pains you to see your son or daughter acting in a rebellious manner. You may have tried every trick in the book to first correct the behavior and then foster a normal parent-child relationship, but your efforts were anything but fruitful. If anything, they begin to get worse and make decisions that end up harming them. In this case, perhaps the best chance to help your child is to send him or her to a boarding school for troubled youth.

Also called residential treatment centers, these boarding schools are different from your normal public schools. While a normal school will more likely focus on fostering knowledge, a qualified center for struggling teens and Aspergers school like Logan River Academy, LLC adds rehabilitation and fostering a healthier sense of self to their services. They provide therapy sessions, group discussions and other programs apart from regular classes.

As with other boarding schools, students will stay at the institution for a while, typically from six months to three years. The time frame is to make sure the rehabilitation process will yield long-lasting positive effects. Alcohol or drug abuse and other forms of addiction also need more time to overcome. In some cases, quick fixes to different, grave issues may provide short-term solutions but the teen may soon revert to his or her troublesome habits.

Emotions management

Some troubled teens tend to get angry or frustrated if they do not get what they want. Emotions such as anger can be detrimental in the long run, causing further conflict between the parent and the teen. Mood swings, acting out in a harmful manner and depression are just some of the problems addressed by the different methods of emotional management the boarding school employs. By teaching teens how to better control their feelings, they can think clearly and understand what they feel and how it affects others when they act or lash out.

Dialectical behavior therapy

In severe cases, out-of-control emotions can make a teen think about suicide. Cognitive therapies can change how troubled teens think through a series of lectures and practical applications. The therapy tackles the most prevalent issues first and the least important ones last in a progressive session. The goal of cognitive therapy is to provide the foundation for the teen’s transformation and provide him or her with practical skills.

One of the hardest parts of sending your child to a boarding school for troubled teens is you will not be seeing him or her for a while. Nevertheless, if this is the price to pay for your child’s holistic transformation, it may just be worth it.


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