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Residential Treatment Centers: Helping Bipolar Teens Deal with Emotional Highs and Lows

Some teenagers find it hard to manage their time and divide their schedules wisely. For them, juggling their family and social lives with school requirements and extracurricular activities is already a difficult task. As a result, their stress levels often go up when personal problems and other challenges come their way.

Just imagine how high the pressure can be for teens with emotional or psychological issues like depressive bipolar disorder. This uncontrollable condition can affect their brain functions, and consequently, all other aspects of their individuality. If they aren’t enrolled in residential treatment centers, completing school and overcoming their condition will be difficult, if not impossible.

Before discussing how boarding schools like Logan River Academy, LLC can support bipolar teenagers, here is a brief overview of this depressive condition. According to medical experts, bipolar disorder is one of the illnesses that have long term effects on a person. It is characterized by sudden and irrepressible changes in mood and behavior, which can range from irritability or depression to extreme happiness and hyperactivity.

Teenagers with this condition cannot get a hold of their emotions and mood swings, which can be too intense and dangerous at times. In short, they are trapped between severe emotional highs and lows, also referred to as manias and depressions respectively. Without the help of the right residential treatment facility and programs, bipolar teens would find it difficult to deal with their condition and the people surrounding them, as well as the situations they’re in.

Some patients shared their struggles in making friends, in staying at school, and even in dealing with their own families. They want to be understood and cared for, but others mistake them for eccentric individuals who easily snap out of things yet regain cheerfulness and enthusiasm in an instant. If establishing solid and healthy relations with parents and other family members is already difficult for bipolar teens, attending school poses greater challenges. They will find it hard to focus on their lessons and they will also have the tendency to bully others or be bullied.

Helping teens deal with this disorder begins with having them examined by medical experts who can identify their exact condition and prescribe appropriate medications. Upon confirmation of the disorder, the next best step would be to enroll them in a special educational institution that offers programs for troubled youth. Boarding schools like Logan River Academy, LLC do not only provide quality education to teens, but also give them appropriate treatment plans designed and executed by medical experts. With the combination of clinical and educational programs, bipolar teens can be treated until their conditions stabilize.



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