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Schools for Troubled Boys: Supporting Single Moms in Raising Kids without a Father Image

Youth delinquency and juvenile crime remain are among the most prevalent social concerns today. With that, the support of specialized institutions like a school for troubled youth became a necessity as well. Residential treatment centers and schools like Logan River Academy can help teenagers face the root causes of their behavioral problems and eventually break the destructive cycle they are caught in.

Three decades ago, youth felonies were believed to be caused by poverty and discrimination. Now, studies reveal that a major cause is family trouble. When husbands and wives cannot resolve their problems as a couple, they eventually fail in their parenting roles and their kids get affected. If they end up divorced, the transition to a new family setup becomes even more difficult for children. They find it hard to adjust to separate living arrangements and are unable to accept losing connections with one of their parents.

Often, male teenagers are especially affected if the divorce took away their fathers. They long to have someone who they can share their issues, confusion and feelings with, someone to guide them as they transition to adulthood. Not being able to realize these desires may hurt and frustrate them a lot, which can result to negative changes in their attitude and to misbehavior if not addressed properly.

Social and psychological studies made from across the globe suggest fatherless sons can turn into troubled teenage boys involved in alcoholism, drug addiction, bullying, sexual abuse, and even crimes. They are also more likely to become uncooperative and misbehaving school dropouts or have poor academic performance. Before rebellion and depression consume these young men, they should be taken to a reputable school for troubled teenagers like Logan River Academy.

It is obvious that these kids don’t just need assistance studying and getting their highschool diploma. Their situation requires effective programs and healthy social environments that will help them build a stronger identity and practice responsibility. They learn to deal with vices and delinquent behavior that put their lives and futures at risk. These help them survive and succeed as an individual even without a father image to back them up.

With the programs and treatment facilities that they offer, these schools for troubled boys can serve as a single mom’s partners in raising good men. Even without a father to complete their identities, they understand themselves better and become functional contributors to society by having physically, socially, and emotionally balanced lives.


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