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Schools for Troubled Youth Hold Programs for Substance Abuse Problems

The major decisions that we make, which can ultimately alter the direction our life is heading, are often made during our teenage years. It’s the time when we develop a sense of identity and decide what we’re going to be. You might say teens have it easy today, but intense media saturation, peer pressure, depression, drugs, and online harassment are just some of the troubles they encounter regularly. If they are not emotionally and psychologically stable, they can go down the dark path of substance abuse.

Teenage substance abuse refers to teenagers’ harmful patterned use of any mood-altering substances such as alcohol, illicit drugs, and prescription drugs or over-the-counter drugs. It is normal for teens to be curious and “experiment” with these addictive substances. However, their impulsivity and strong desire to belong with their peers can lead to a dangerous addiction. This is why there are schools for troubled youth like Logan River Academy, LLC that has structured and individualized programs to address student and family needs.

If your child is trying to deal with substance abuse, he or she might find it helpful to be in a therapeutic boarding school that offers a supervised environment, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and recovery programs such as the Twelve-Step approach. There are also professionals in these therapeutic boarding schools who can evaluate your child’s situation and develop an effective treatment program.

Therapeutic boarding schools provide students who have substance abuse issues with a new environment and take them away from negative peer groups. With the absence of alcohol or drugs in their immediate environment, they will know about the addiction process and learn techniques to help them deal with triggers and setbacks when they get home. Some schools for troubled girls even teach calming techniques such as yoga, meditation, and deep breathing exercises.

Therapists and counselors in therapeutic boarding schools guide students in understanding their inner conflicts, issues, and insecurities. They teach students how to set positive goals and let them learn better ways to interact and communicate with others through “experiential therapy,” which involves learning through experience. For example, working with animals can help teenagers connect with nurturing and love; while participating in art, music, or drama can help release teenagers’ pent-up emotions.

Oftentimes, therapeutic boarding schools like schools for troubled boys are located in rural settings, allowing students to explore nature and have fun swimming, hiking, and camping, among others. The healthy environment in a therapeutic boarding school can make dramatic changes to a recovering teenager’s life. The therapeutic and educational programs implemented by therapeutic boarding schools are aimed at making their students live a better life for a brighter future.



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