Digital Addiction Recovery Treatment (DART)

At Logan River Academy, we recognize that digital media use is integral in the lives of adolescents and their families. Whether for communication, enjoyment, education, or socialization, digital media is at our fingertips to make our lives easier. Many teens use these resources daily with minimal difficulties. Unfortunately, some adolescents are unable to moderate their digital media use and compulsively engage in destructive patterns of behavior surrounding digital media despite the many adverse consequences.
Logan River Academy’s DART program offers a treatment approach for adolescents and their families whose lives are being run by an addiction to digital media.
We utilize a harm-reduction model that strives to provide digitally addicted adolescents with the support and resources they need to bring balance back to their digital lives.
The DART program functions as a track within Logan River Academy’s treatment program. The primary therapist work with participants to assess and evaluate the level of their addiction and formulate treatment goals. Digital addiction treatment interventions are incorporated throughout the daily program at school, on the dorm, and in individual and group therapy. As participants progress they have the opportunity to begin visits with their families, putting their work into practice. As participants move towards completion of the program, they are supported and held accountable to avoid high-risk situations, utilize continued support, and engage with the digital world in a healthy and balanced manner.


Through individualized treatment approaches we ask our participants the following: • Admit that their digital use has gotten out of control. • Be open and honest with the impact that the digital world has had on their lives and the lives of their family and friends. • Fully engage in the treatment process. • Make the changes necessary to regain balance in their digital life. • Maintain these changes in all aspects of their life, both at LRA and after discharge.

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