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Each Child Is Unique

Each student entering Logan River Academy comes with a unique background, personality, set of circumstances, ability, and other attributes that define them as an individual. We recognize that one size does not fit all and that each student and family’s needs and expectations are different. That is why we firmly believe in an individualized approach to addressing whatever issues have resulted in a student’s need to attend Logan River Academy. Following an evaluation and assessment period, each student receives an individual treatment and education plan tailored to their specific needs. These plans are dynamic and evolve over the course of a student’s stay. As problems and objectives are tackled, the plans are refined to continue to meet the changing needs of the student.

The Clinical, Academic, and Residential departments work in concert to implement each student’s treatment plan and ensure a comprehensive, coordinated approach. Length of stay, level of programming, student privileges, and other variables are dependent on the individual performance, effort, capability, goals and objectives, aftercare planning, age, academic achievement, and family expectations. We are a program that is serious about meeting the unique needs of each student and family we serve.