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Girls Program: Schools for Troubled Girls

At Logan River Academy, we offer excellent facilities and comprehensive programs that can help troubled teenagers cope with a wide range of behavioral and emotional problems. As one of the leading schools for troubled girls and boys, we offer programs that can aid struggling teenagers so that they can become more productive individuals.

The benefits our female students can enjoy include:

  • Treatment Plans – We are aware that every student’s situation is different. This is why we strive to provide individualized treatment plans for all of our students. We help them handle a lot of different issues including bipolar disorder, depression, PSTD, substance abuse, and more issues.
  • Activities – Our students are exposed to many activities focused on honing their skills as well as hobbies that suit their individual interests. These include handicraft-making, culinary arts, community service, and a lot more.
  • Community – A select few female LRA students can live a few miles off-campus in a home where we promote a positive environment. It is a five-acre property that offers beautiful surroundings and more. It provides an atmosphere that is conducive to healing as well as to personal growth and development.
  • Accommodations – The home we can provide for a small group of girls is roomy and comfortable. It can accommodate a maximum of twelve girls. The population is small enough to allow for privacy but also large enough to enable them to interact and share their experiences with other girls who may be going through the same struggles.
  • Recreational Programs – The Adventure Learning Program provides various opportunities for recreational and experiential therapy through fun outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, canoeing, camping, and more. We also have a professional Fitness Instructor who works with the girls to help them build up a positive body image, maintain an active lifestyle, and make healthy dietary choices.
  • Environment – We provide structured co-ed opportunities in school and extracurricular activities. Through these, our students can enjoy valuable real world experiences and improve their social skills.

If you have been noticing a drastic changes in your daughter’s behavior that you believe may lead to her self-destruction, reputable schools for troubled girls and boys, like Logan River Academy, may be able to help you and your daughter. To learn more, call (435) 755-8400 today.