Students at Logan River Academy come to us with a variety of academic issues and need varying levels of academic support. Some have come from prestigious boarding schools, others from wilderness programs or residential treatment centers, and the rest from a public or private school background. We find most have not had a good experience with school and for one reason or another have had a recent pattern of failure. Academic concerns and poor school performance can be attributed to a variety of sources:

Poor peer choices
Drugs and Alcohol use/abuse
Learning differences
Learning disabilities both diagnosed and undiagnosed
Inadequate support systems
Familial concerns, death, divorce, etc.
poor motivation,
emotional distress and/or
clinically diagnosed disorders

Logan River Academy, which is a residential treatment center, offers a unique and concentrated mechanism for helping students with academic issues. We provide the needed therapeutic interventions and structure to give students a foundational starting point to begin, or rediscover, their academic success.

Our school is designed to provide a positive experience for each student as he/she navigates through our program. We have small classes, ranging from 8-12 students per class, that are designed to give the students access to their teachers and place them in an arena that can be as individualized as needed. Students begin with a jump start class each day that allows them to fix and finish assignments, learn organizational skills and receive help from teachers and peers. They also have access to teachers after school which allows those who struggle with academic issues to get one-on-one help with specific assignments and learning strategies. There is a scheduled personal study hour each evening that students use to work on schoolwork, read, or to do other productive activities. This gives them 1-2 hours each day to receive help outside of the classroom.

Our academic program consists of three curriculum delivery options which are: Teacher Directed classes, Teacher Monitored classes and Teacher Supported classes.

Teacher Directed Classes: These classes are designed, taught and evaluated by a certified teacher on campus. They follow the Utah State Curriculum with associated objectives developed to meet the needs of our students. They are centered on the curriculum areas of Mathematics, Language Arts, Social Science, Science and Art. Student will be in 3-4 of these classes each semester, depending on student need and class availability.

Teacher Monitored Classes: These classes are conducted via an online source and monitored and evaluated by a certified teacher on campus. They follow the Utah State Curriculum, with objectives developed by the online program to meet the need of the student in a technology based environment. Course offerings are centered on the curriculum needs of the student, courses available through the online program and individual graduation requirements. Students will be in 2-3 of these classes each semester.

Teacher Supported Classes: These classes are independent study courses that are offered by Brigham Young University or other accredited institutions. They are used to offer courses to our students whose curriculum needs cannot be met via the previous two options. They are intended to help students meet graduation requirements or to enhance educational opportunities and interests. Courses will be offered in one of two delivery options, paper/pencil or computer based. They will be supported by our faculty on an as needed basis.

Students who come to our program with academic issues where accommodations are indicated, receive those accommodations. Accommodations range from extended time on tests, reduced course work, and adjusted daily class schedules, to having technology available for them to use.

We review the academic need for each student before they are admitted so as to ascertain our ability to provide the need service. Accommodations are then put into place as needed by our academic staff. We have the ability with our small class size and teaching staff to provide most students with learning differences the tools to be successful in class.

We provide feedback in the form of grades for our students every two weeks and weekly phase advancement scores that let students know how they are progressing in school. Monthly academic progress reports are also written by teachers to provide a summary of student improvement. This gives the students and families more immediate feedback on how they are doing in school. Timely feedback has shown to make difference in supporting students with academic issues related to attention deficit and learning disorders. This information is available to parents via a parent portal on our Bestnotes system and is updated regularly.

There is also a homework list that is generated daily to remind students, dorm counselors, and therapists of the work a student may be missing. Tutors are also available to our students with their academic issues and subject specific questions if needed. We also track each student’s classroom performance and personal behavior weekly based on our five principles for effective living. A positive behavior support class is provided after school to help those who are struggling with any of the five principles.

Most of our students find that if they utilize the above described system, they can improve their performance in school, build a usable foundation and develop skills to minimize most academic issues. Improvement breeds a positive academic self-esteem, advancement through the program and a tool kit of skills that can be used to further their educational pursuits. This has shown to be the pattern that most of our successful students follow and we believe it will serve as a model for them to achieve success with their learning endeavors after they leave Logan River Academy.

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